Congratulations, Teejaymilez got Discovered by Swedish Base popular streaming platform

Teejaymilez released his latest track NaNa in November and it got playlisted by Spotify on one of Spotify’s Biggest talents hunt playlist “Discovery Weekly & Release Radar”


Davido – What You WANT & Teejaymilez – You Got Me 💯💯🔥🔥

Rap 3 from Silence by TeejayMilez


who u be to tell me say the boy no go blow my nigga who u EPP, too many rappers no dey like to speak their mind but I always say my mind so if you like make you sue me, they took away the girls, a lot of them were missing I hope they return them before they turn women, too many lies but we always see the truth in between the lies, don’t tell me to practice what u preach when you not perfect, u only stick to ur fame but all we get is peanuts everyday peanuts everyday but still we no complain cos we gat more love for the green white green, I pledge to Nigeria my country but my leaders sucks..!! And its your boy tee 2 d jay Milez, silence is the best not violence…

Davido – working on a new album

Davido – If my Mom was alive she would have been like “DAMN SON YOU LITT” !!!! #30billionworldtour #Oakland #soldout

If my Mom was alive she would have been like “DAMN SON YOU LITT” !!!! #30billionworldtour #Oakland #soldout

Davido – Touchdown Dallas !! Southside Music hall 2NITE!!! #30billionworldtour 😜🚀

Davido drop another new track – Pere – Ft Young Thug