Kendrick Lamar – DNA & Teejaymilez -Hold ON ranked No. 24 & 48 respectively on Rap Game USA Playlists

Embolab Rap artist Teejaymilez have been placed number 48 out of 100 on Rap Game USA.

Teejaymilez’s Hold-On was selected and place along side they likes of rawkus entertainment superstar Blackstar, Warner MUSIC Daye Jack, yelawolf – Best friend ft eminem, Kendrick Lamar- DNA, HEAD I.C.E – Cold World and many other United States rappers.

This is huge for Embolab rapper Teejaymilez considering United States is a huge market full with alot of rappers.

Teejaymilez right now is focus and working on his EP that’s set to drop in December and he will feature a Swedish artist, and likely to feature Nigerian A list artiste.

Here is the video of Hold ON by Teejaymilez.

Full profile on Teejaymilez an Akwa Ibom/Nigeria Rapper/Songwriter.

TEEJAYMILEZ RECENTLY GOT PROFILE ON The largest Streaming platform Spotify

The future looks bright for the Young Nigerian rapper Teejaymilez.


Rap 3 from Silence by TeejayMilez


who u be to tell me say the boy no go blow my nigga who u EPP, too many rappers no dey like to speak their mind but I always say my mind so if you like make you sue me, they took away the girls, a lot of them were missing I hope they return them before they turn women, too many lies but we always see the truth in between the lies, don’t tell me to practice what u preach when you not perfect, u only stick to ur fame but all we get is peanuts everyday peanuts everyday but still we no complain cos we gat more love for the green white green, I pledge to Nigeria my country but my leaders sucks..!! And its your boy tee 2 d jay Milez, silence is the best not violence…

Silence by TeejayMilez out Saturday Sept 16.

Meet fast Rising Nigerian Artiste “TeejayMilez”

Teejaymilez also known as Tony okon effiong is a rapper and Songwriter hails from akwa ibom state,

born on the 17th of January 1995,

He is an ND graduate of federal polytechnic nekede, owerri were he studied civil engr. as his career course but fell in ❤ with music.

Oya clap for me..!

TeejayMilez to unveil a new single #BodyBad 6pm today (Sept 9th, 2017)

TeejayMilez on board.

Could this be an illuminati Sign in Smizmuller (Laye) music Video

Rumors spreading around in Nigeria that Embolab newly signed artiste Smizmuller was initiated into an illuminati group.

Watch the video laye by Smizmuller

Stories spreading that the sign from Dj Khaled gang was seen in the video and it can only be seen on members of the illuminati/underworld.

We at Embolab can definitely attest to the fact that this isn’t an illuminati Sign, people should be careful what the wish others.

This is a plan rumor and it doesn’t hold any ground. We are focus on releasing more hit after hit.

Laye by Smizmuller is a really good song, and people are out to speak ill of it.

We are focus and not distracted.

Currently, laye is Currently trending in Nigeria & going global.

Watch “Laye – Smizmuller. (Official Music video)” on YouTube

Drake to young Artistes & Smizmuller “laye” trending

“I’m not worried about these other rappers. I’m not competing with those guys. I already know their hand. I know their move. I study everything. I’m worried about the kid that’s sitting in his house that wants to be better than me and all those guys”

L. A. Y. E. by Smizmuller trending in 4 countries.

Smizmuller – Laye. I go be your Nelson Mandela, ❤❤ I go fight for your freedom. ❤❤

Smizmuller – Laye. I go be your Nelson Mandela, ❤❤ I go fight for your freedom. ❤❤